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Vitamin Ape is a Quest and Merchant (formerly Information) NPC in Hybrid Animals. He also was the very first NPC in the game.

He now resides in a black tent behind Yandi.


Vitamin Ape's hybrid components can be clearly seen as the green long mass over his head, the facial expression and the orange-brownish body from the carrot part, and the huge arms and overall body shape as the gorilla part.


When he was still in the early game versions, Vitamin Ape had a single torch to his right and a short Stone Path leading to the pedestal (where the player would spawn in early versions of the game). He used to be located in the place of the sign below Gumpy Pug's Red Shack.

The sign used to read as: "If you play Hybrid Animals on Wednesdays, you can try all premium creatures for free!", but has been replaced with another one which now reads: "Welcome to Hybrid Animals!" due to the removal of Wednesdayzzz. In version 200291, he was added back to Northwest of Yandi, not as an Info-Giver but as a merchant... And his final place was established within Yandi as of the current version, his black tent replacing the Blue Tent.


When interacted with, all NPCs talk to you with an automated dialogue before giving you the option to buy or sell (Except in this case where the NPC would have simply given information).

  • Who dares disturb the great Vitamin Ape?
  • [Who are you?] I am Vitamin Ape, keep of all the world's secrets!
  • [What are you?] I am half Carrot, half Gorilla.
  • [Tell me a secret] Certainly.
  • If you play Hybrid Animals on Wednesdays...
  • You can test out all premium animals... for free!
  • [Tell me another secret] I have no new secrets for now.

  • What is my vitamin of choice?
  • TITANIUM, fresh from the crucible!
  • [Yandeon?] Yandeon, is no longer with us...
  • However, his spirit still protects us until this day.

  • Items and Prices

    Item Description Use Price
    Ice Sword +12 to +18 damage, 25% chance of freezing enemy Weapon and Offense 6,000
    Ice Helmet Take 4-6 less damage every hit. Defense 6,000
    Ice Armor Take 4-6 less damage every hit. Defense 6,000
    Dark Sword +15 to +25 damage, 5% chance of instant kill Weapon and Offense 15,000
    Dark Helmet Take 6-9 less damage every hit. Defense 15,000
    Dark Armor Take 6-9 less damage every hit. Defense 15,000
    Ice Shard Extremely rare mineral, found in snowy areas Crafting 1,700
    Dark Shard Extremely rare mineral, found in the desert Crafting 2,000
    Poison Spikes If anyone touches this, it hurts them! Defense and Traps 275


    Vitamin Ape has a Combat Quest named "Dark and Forgotten Magic". Together you meet Yandeon and he tells you of Storm Wizards wanting to trample his forest. With Vitamin Ape, you fight against them and their boss Shindeon, after whom is killed the quest is completed. Yandeon gives The Key to Vitamin Ape's Chest as a reward.

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