hi,my name is x zkid.i have a gaminng love and other cool stuff.

armoredcore robot

My Origin

Guys, did you know that I was born at 2009? Yeah, so I am still a kid, but almost a teenager! Sorry but i can't tell my original name.

i am a class 5. so,yeah i am a kid but thats why my name look alike

Xbox 01.jpg

i found this wiki months ago.And i got interested.so i join this wiki

i also am a spider +alligator level 500+in hybrid animals.cool right?


  • 6.00-6,30.i wake up and go to school
  • 6.30-7.00 praying to god
  • 7.00-10.00 do online school
  • 10.00-12.00 eat lunch
  • 12.00-3.00play games
  • others like dinner at 6.00
  • chores 4.00-6.00
  • sleep 8-6 hours


The nooby months

so i heard hybrid animals is a good game and alot of five star,so im gonna try play it and ye,it'done.so in that time im sooo noob that i don't even know what honeycomb,bone,egg,and acorns are for!. I also often die that time by bosses

Go strong

i go with all of achivement at 150+and at 200+i got all colection of dark armor(one part cost 10000 coins)

great ruler

you are gonna love this message!:i have a town! yes a town with,sadly,nobody. y u can't connect because i played it on android.but if you are a friend,ask me to


I play hybrid animals(favorite),fake minecraft,talking tom camp,zooba(favorite), chicken gun,cat and mouse..io,what the fight, and stealth master .there's more and i also meet alot of youtuber in zooba.in my clan there's kugo,then i also team up with UMUSTPLAYyt and HGU.and also fady


The town has numerous shacks, 2 mansion and 1 castle i created. I place alot of them and..there's only two mansion,both in my town. It also has 3-4 poison spikes and NPC's. some of them need a pascode though.

Hybrid profile



Favorite server=russia

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