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Hi, I am RoyalGamerX. I am a very dedicated game enthusiast who is eager to do anything for the love of gaming. Anyway, hope you enjoy this wiki!!!

What I Do

I love Hybrid Animals, Minecraft, Polytopia, Rodeo Stampede, and other mobile games. As of now, I spend my time in this COVID-19 quarantine editing on my fave wiki communities.

Wiki Roles

Why I edit

I'm really into art; that's why I keep redesigning the Hybrid Animals Wiki.

I have a deep liking to this weird game, and I hate to see it under appreciated. Also, this wiki was a mess when I first came, I wanted my questions about the eggs and the sacks, etc., answered! So I attempted my very first edit, and I felt good contributing. I continued playing the game, and through the updates I learned more, and added what I knew to this community.

That was my first experience on editing, I only read wikis before then. This wiki needed help, so I helped it, and I still am helping and contributing. Please help me editing this wiki!

Hybrid Animals Legacy

Noob Years

So I began as any normal player, attack then level up. The game was very interesting. So I kept on playing. Kept on leveling up. I've lived through multiple game updates until finally, finally!! Multiplayer came along.


I primarily named myself RoyalGamerX for my player name (as I always do). Me and my sister, 3Nyx, started a clan in Wilderness, named the Order of Protectors. It was bent on peace and harmony. People joined, over the course of time.

Ok, so my game got deleted, and I had to reinstall it. My original account was gone!! I created a new account, and called myself ProfessorAtomix (after an OC I had created). This time, I returned, and after experiencing a few problems... I turned out fine.


My first multiplayer friend was XreganX, a fellow Filipino. He had sided with me in the Wilderness server and with me and 3Nyx, built the Order's Second Sanctuary (the first one was moved out).

I first met ILuvHybrid4747 here in the wiki. I was editing with Brollow one time until he showed up and began continuously editing. I considered it a great big help and encouraged him to edit some more (Brollow and him were the only two editors that weren't me!).

So, I was playing in Multiplayer and I saw him through the chat window. I said hello after finding out that he was in the server too. This was when I was playing as RoyalGamerX, and as I said, that one got deleted.

The Subreddit

I found out about the r/HybridAnimalsGame subreddit, and I began contributing to it, too. I declared my account deletion, and that I had changed my player name to ProfessorAtomix.

Now all that was behind... and I went back to the game.

The Order of Protectors

So I invited ILuvHybrid to the Order's Second Sanctuary (which was still incomplete at the time). He helped me build a lot. More people heard about the clan and soon, we had newer members each day!

Toothlezz, ToBaCo, Davud. Some of them were invited over by my sister. Days went by...

A Truce

So we were all minding our own business when...

Check out RoyalGamerX's Full Player Legacy in this blog post.

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