This page is about Uranium. If you're looking for its veins, check Ores.

Uranium Ore is a naturally generated material in Hybrid Animals. It can be crafted into a Uranium Bar.


The Uranium Ore is a piece of grey rock with square, green protrusions.


Uranium Ore can be obtained from Uranium Vein, which is a structure that occurs naturally and Once obtained, the vein it came from will lose the protrusions.

The player requires a titanium pick to mine it, as it is the hardest of all the metals to extract.



Once obtained, the ore can be crafted into Uranium Bar, which can be used as parts of the Egg Fuser, the Teleporter, and other items.  

You will need one Ore to craft the corresponding Bar.  

An anvil is required to craft metal items.  


This ore is quite unique, as it can be used as an ingredient in Expando Bread. It is the only ore so far to be used as such.

Crafting Recipe (Expando Bread)

Item Quantity Crafting station
Uranium Ore 1 Cauldron
Toasted Nuts 1
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