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Upgrades require Points in order to be, well, upgraded. You must gain points by leveling up your Hybrid. For every single level your Hybrid gains, you get one Point. Your available points are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen every time the Upgrades Menu is shown.

Viewing the Upgrades Menu

Each Hybrid Stat bar has an icon for assigning a point to its corresponding Upgrade. The icon appears as a gray bubble with a plus (+) symbol inside. Tapping this button once assigns a Point to the Upgrade.

As of the current version of Hybrid Animals, there is no method of redistributing Points to different Upgrades, so assign your points with caution!

The list of Upgrades is visible in-game upon every level up. This menu is only visible when a level has been gained, and if you close the menu, it can no longer be interacted with nor prompted.

The Upgrades menu displays 8 major Hybrid Stats that can be upgraded using Points. Those Stats are:

Upgrade Name Upgrade Function(s) Raw Effect per Assigned Point Assigned Points until Perk Unlock
  • Allows for use of advanced Pickaxes at certain level thresholds.
Does not apply 6
Health Regen
  • Increases the rate at which your Hybrid's health regenerates.
NA 6
  • Allows for use of advanced Armor at certain level thresholds.
NA 6
  • Allows for use of advanced Weapons at certain level thresholds.
NA 6
  • Decreases the chance of your Hybrid's attacks missing.
  • Increases Critical attack chance.
  • Counters player Dodge stat in Multiplayer.
NA 6
  • Allows for crafting of advanced items at certain level thresholds. Applies to the Crafting Bench, Anvil, and Crucible.
Does not apply 6
Power Energy
  • Increases your Hybrid's maximum Power Energy.
+0.5 Max Power Energy per point 6
  • Increases the chance of your Hybrid dodging attacks.
  • Counters player Accuracy stat in Multiplayer.
NA 6

Upgrades Menu Info

You may close the Upgrades menu anytime it is displayed by tapping or clicking the large, green DONE button at the bottom of the screen. This action is allowed even if you have Points yet to be assigned, and you do not lose unassigned Points.


There is a very common bug that may occur when spamming the Assign Point icon in the Upgrades menu; in which the graphics for the assigned Points (colored gems) stack beyond the limit of 6 (which is the amount required for the points to convert to a Perk). This not only looks incorrect on the screen, but it also causes the victim to lose a potential Perk unlock or upgrade, as the Perk popup is not displayed when this occurs. The player may fix this by assigning extra Points to the bugged Stat until the assigned Points amount reaches 12, which is a multiple of the required 6 Points.

  • This bug has not been patched as of the most recent update.