The Underground Cave is a naturally generating structure that the player may enter.


The general appearance of the Underground Cave consists of a protruding land mass that has a wooden door placed within the front. Upon the door is a carving of a single Pickaxe.


There are multiple variations of the Underground Cave that differ in appearance and contents. The form that the Underground Cave takes depends upon the biome that it had generated in:


The mine entrance is supported by what appears to be old, faded wood. A tuft of grass grows out of the top and the overall exterior is enveloped in a layer of shorter grass.

Two small rocks rest to the side of the entrance


Grass (Interior)

Within this cave, lush vines dangle from the ceiling and moss carpets the entire floor. Common resources that can be found here include Metal ore. Rare resources include Sapphire or Emerald gems.



The mine entrance is composed of a mountain rock exterior with a small fern growing out up top. The door frame appears to be constructed from a fresh wood.

Two small mountain rocks rest to the side of the entrance.


Evergreen (Interior)

Many ferns dwell in the chilly depths of this cave. Common resources found here include Metal ore. Rare resources include Silver or Ruby gems.



This mine entrance is formed from what we can only assume to be a dark stone of some kind. The door frame is made from an extremely pale wood, and some Purple Mushrooms can be seen growing atop the mine entrance. Placing it in the liquid or solid part of the swamp will not affect its appearance.

Two small dark stones sit to the side of the entrance.


Swamp (Interior)

Inside this mine, dark and ominous vines dangle from the ceiling and the floor is coated with a grimy moss. Common resources include Uranium ore. Rare resources include Amber or Amethyst gems.



The mine is made up of dry, sandy stone and the door frame is made from what seems to be concrete. This door is the first to differ from the door of other mines, as it's made from a darker wood than the rest.

Two small stones (which are darker in color than expected with desert rock) rest to the side of the entrance.


Desert (Interior)

Entering this mine usually reveals a dusty, barren interior. Common resources include Gold ore. Rare resources include Ruby or Silver gems. A Rare Variant of this includes Dark Shards (formerly Obsidian) instead of Gold Ore.



This mine doesn't have much going for it in terms of appearance. Placing it on the ocean and beach portions of the Island biome shows no difference in the mine's exterior appearance. What this mine is made of exactly is really a mystery, as it simply appears to be a hasty recolor of the previous mines. Its color is similar to the small pebbles on the islands. Aside from this, the door frame has some palm wood being put into it.


Sandy Beach (Interior)

When entering the mine, you will notice that the walls and some portions of the floor are covered in wet sand, while other portions of the floor are submerged in salt water. Common resources include Metal ore. Rare resources include Sapphire or Amber gems.



This mine's exterior has been covered with fluffy white snow! There appears to have been either painted wood or some form of ice that has been used to make the door frame. The door itself is gray, but has a slight blue gradient creeping upward from the bottom, which resembles frost.

Two small snow piles rest aside the entrance.


Snowed Over (Interior)

Upon entering the mine, you will find yourself in a frigid area filled with icy stalagmites. The floor around the ice covered walls are covered in thick, cloudy ice while a path is formed around them with much more delicate ice that shows signs of cracking. Common resources found here include Titanium ore. Rare resources include Amethyst or Emerald gems. A Rare Variant of this includes Ice Shards instead of Titanium.


Personal Mines

A placeable item that can be crafted at the Crucible for 10 stone walls. 300+ Crafting required.

This rather special Cave's interior and exterior will change into the theme of the respective cave of the terrain you place it in. These caves are the only caves a player can pick up and place with the Builder Tools.

Personal Cave Icon

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