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An old torch.

"This track was much shorter than I expected..." - Tweeto

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Tweeto is a music record-selling NPC in Hybrid Animals.


It bears the appearance of a puffin, and barely represents anything from its owl part. It has two shiny eyes, and a puffin body. The only visible owl components it has are the extra feathers on its cheeks and wings.


It lives in a Cyan Shack in Shindo, in front of Bongo Banana's house.

House Design

Cyan Shacks have cyan roofs and dark brown doors, and on the inside is a bright hue of sky blue for the walls and a bright cyan flooring.

Interior Items

Its shack has very little furniture, with Tweeto sitting on a Feather Rug, and a lone wooden chair and a Music Box to its right, which is playing the tune "Morning Melody".


When interacted with, all NPCs talk to you with an automated dialogue before giving you the option to buy or sell.

"What's better than a song in the morning?"

"Songs all day long!"

== Items and Prices ==

All of the songs in these records contain original and small pieces by the game's song maker, Metronomix Studios.

Item Description Use Price
Buy Sell
Music Box Play and create music using records 2000
Blank Record Allows you to record a custom song Used for creating custom songs 25 15[1]
Shady Figures A simple song Gumpy Pug's record 30 18
Morning Melody Tweeto's record
Bongo Songo Bongo Banana's record
Blip Bloop Octo Kitty's record
Rank and File A song of unknown origin
Bear Pack Shooba's record
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Shindo NPCs: Bongo Banana · Tweeto · King Wing

Yandi NPCs: Shooba · Filbert · Vitamin Ape · Fossil Collector · Yandeon
  1. 18 coins if it contains a custom/recorded song.
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