This is a list of useful tips and methods. 

Basic Pointers

Beginning Players

List of things to do:

  1. Look around. Chests might be scattered around, so taking the time to look around might be worth it. Remember that you shouldn't attack any creatures that are higher then your level[1].
  2. Collect 3 Sticks and make a Workbench. You might also want to collect 11 extra Sticks more to make a Shack and Basket. Also consider obtaining Wooden Armor for increased chance of survival.
  3. Fight some wild creatures that you feel confident in taking on. You will probably level up and be taken to the Hybrid Stats menu. You have 8 Hybrid Stat choices. Pick carefully! The most useful ones in early game are Mining, Health Regen, and Crafting, while Power Energy, Attack and Health might be better as you gear up later in the game.
  4. Keep going until you have acquired enough coins. You might open Mystery Boxes for them, as these are seen as an easy way to get coins without abusing glitches or exploits.
  5. After you have enough coins, you might want to visit Gumpy Pug to get some furniture. Remember, though, that you will have time to beautify your cottage later.
  6. (Optional) You could try using an Egg Fuser and buying an Uranium Bar from Octo Kitty to make a hybrid pet.
  7. Remember that, if you go deep into the world, you have higher chances of encountering angry (red-faced) creatures of a higher level.
  8. Repeat step 1. By now, though, you will be able to fight higher-level creatures.

List of things NOT to do:

  1. Do NOT enter Caves unless you have a steady supply of Torches or expired Land Claims! You can easily get lost with no way out. Having the Eagle Eye perk also helps.
  2. Do NOT fight bosses that are significantly higher level then you, as these battles will likely result in a major loss of health or even death. You can make an exception if you simply plan to lure the boss away, take the nest egg, and flee via teleportation or stalling the boss itself.
  3. Do NOT tell high-level companions to sit and simply leave them there (unless they are near your home or some sort of base). Such companions can be very useful, and you will be able to ride them in a future update.
  4. Do NOT spend all your coins on things you aren't sure you'll use. For example, don't buy a Mansion if you don't have somewhere to place it.

Advanced Players

Coming Soon!!

Other Tips

PvP Tips


Low Level Tips (below level 800)

  1. DO NOT ATTACK players higher level than you, as PvP servers are usually full of players over level 400.
  2. If possible, try to escape the spawn region as fast as possible before getting killed. The Spawn Region is the location where the most hybrids have been killed and is most of the time full of high level players.

Level 800+ Tips

Coming Soon!!

Multiplayer Tips

Defending against stealing

  1. Lock all of your chests with a number code. Your birthday is fine, although make sure none of your real friends/siblings will steal from your account.
  2. Always ask the other to go first when making "deals". For example, you might trade a kitten egg for a golden bonsai or a music disc. Wait until the other places the item you want in the chest, then take it and leave the payment.
  3. LOCK YOUR HOUSE! Even the most trustworthy friends might sneak inside and take your prized pink bonsai!
  4. Use Land Claims. Those will keep people from just picking up your house and emptying it and picking up bonsai trees and coin hoards. If possible, ask the owner of a server to give you an Infinite Land Claim so you won't have to restock once every few days.
  5. Land Claims AND Walls! Use both of these items to defend your house. Only you and people you choose can move stuff within the land claim's range, so you can move the walls every time you enter. WARNING: This method might not look good if you use Stone and Wood walls. You might favor Wood Rails instead.

Things to Remember

This is a list of things you should NEVER, EVER FORGET.

  1. You need levels in Health to wear better armor. It works the same for swords, except for the fact you need levels in Attack to have a good sword.
  2. If you need anything rare, venturing to the multiplayer servers might not be a bad choice. Just remember, if you want to go hunting, wear your backup armor. You might easily die and respawn without the stuff you had.
  3. Do not EVER, EVER, EVER use swear words or steal on the multiplayer servers. Hopefully, nothing will happen if you do it ONCE, but doing it multiple times might result in someone reporting you and the staff getting you banned.
  1. At really low levels, it's reasonable to attack creatures that have 1-4 more levels than you if you have some equipment in hand (i.e. Wooden Armor).
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