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Terrain is the color and appearance of the different landscapes in Hybrid Animals.

Terrain Types

The terrains can range from grassland to swamps, from white snow to yellow deserts. Here is the list of all terrains:

Actual names may be different from these ones.

Terrain Ground color Possible Locations[1] Rarity[1]
Grasslands Light-green grass Near Noobia, etc. Very Common
Desert Bright yellow sand ... Common
Snowed-Over White snow Near Shindo, etc. Normal
Evergreen Forests Dark green grass Near Yandi, etc. Rare
Swamp Marsh Deep violet ... Very Rare
Sandy Beach Pale yellow color Always near Water Very Rare

There is also one more terrain, Water. Its color will vary through different terrains, this includes ponds. The Desert Terrain has no water or ponds.

Terrain Water Color Terrain Located Rarity
Water Azure Blue Grassland/Sandy Beaches Common
Sky (Frozen) Snowed-Over
Ultramarine Blue Evergreen Forests
Purple-ish Blue Swamp Marsh

Underground Caves

Main article: Underground Cave

All biomes but the Water variants have their own Cave equivalent. Visit the Underground Cave page for more information.

Terrain Resources

Different resources are scattered throughout terrains. Although generated randomly, this list will enumerate on how much resources are in which terrain.

Each terrain listed have their most prominent/abundant resource(s) next to them.

Terrain Common Resources
Grasslands Sticks, Stone, Ores, Berries, Honeycombs
Desert Cacti, Stone, Ores, Dark Shard
Snowed-Over Snowballs, Stone, Ores, Moon Berries, Ice Shard
Forested Sticks, Stone, Ores, Mushrooms, Salmon Berries, Gold Berries
Swamp Marsh Stone, Ores, Mushrooms, Silk, Gold Berries
Sandy Beach Shells, Coconuts, Sticks, Stone
Water Stone


  1. 1.0 1.1 All terrains generate randomly throughout the world, except for the Grasslands in Noobia and the Snow-Over lands in Shindo.