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Shindo is a town that exists south of Noobia. It is surrounded by the Snow Biome. To the east is the town of Dustville.


Shindo has 9 NPCs, including: King Wing, Housekeeper Nelly, Bongo Banana, Tweeto, Bone Juicer Seller, 2 Shindo Guards, 1 Royal Guard, and 1 free companion. Of the 4 buildings in Shindo, there are 2 Shacks, 1 Castle, and 1 Igloo. The Shack and the Castle are painted Basic Cyan, with the Castle having a Snowflake Stamp. The Shack is painted Basic Green. The entire town is surrounded by Palisade Walls, and is paved with Stone Bricks. Shindo has also a Crucible.


There is one task in Shindo. It's named The Bandit Camp. you can start it by talking to King Wing, who is in Shindo Castle.