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Shindo is the town southwest of Noobia, found on a Snow Biome.


Shindo is slightly smaller than the neighboring Noobia, since unlike its neighbor, its area is now clearly defined and enclosed by Palisade Walls. Stone Brick paths line Shindo, and the town Teleporter is found in the northern part of the town, near the cyan Castle and Custom Statue owned by King Wing. The middle part of the town hosts Bongo Banana's Furniture Imporium (the green Shack) and a Snowman, and the southern part has a gyan Shack within which Tweeto can be found, and a lone Crucible. Outside the town, near its southern exit, Bone Juice Seller could be found in front of a wall.


Shindo is the most populated settlement in the game, boasting a total of 10 NPCs (three Merchants, 2 Quest NPCs, 3 Guard NPCs, 1 Information NPC, 1 recruitable Companion):

  • King Wing (Quest NPC, found in the cyan castle, on a Throne)
  • Housekeeper Nelly (Quest NPC, found on second floor of the cyan castle, on a Bed)
  • Bongo Banana (Merchant, found in the green shack)
  • Tweeto (Merchant, found in the cyan Shack, on a Stump Chair)
  • Bone Juicer Seller (Merchant, found outside walled perimeter, south of cyan shack)
  • 3 Shindo Guards (Two are Guard NPCs found outside walled perimeter near the entrances; one is an Information NPC on a Bed inside Critter Crush minigame)
  • Royal Guard (Guard NPC, found in the cyan castle, beside King Wing's Throne, as a Guard)
  • 1 recruitable Companion

There is also Shindeon, who doesn't appear as an NPC, but is instead mentioned by the statue in the cyan castle as being the "first ruler of Shindo". Shindeon physically appears as the Boss in the Dark and Forgotten Magic quest.


Shindo has two Quests, tying it with Yandi (if Yandeon's Cove is considered) with having the most Quests of any town.

  • The Bandit King - King Wing, found on the Throne in the Cyan Castle, gives this Quest, which has the player defeat Bandits in battle. Rewarded with Key to King Wing's Basement.
  • Critter Crush - Housekeeper Nelly, found on the second floor of the Cyan Castle, gives this Quest, which has the player step on 35 "rat-roaches". Rewarded with Key to Nelly's Chest.


  • Shindo's government is a monarchy, judging by King Wing's name.
    • Paired with how Shindo is referred to by King Wing, this would also imply that Shindo is or is apart of a kingdom.
    • King Wing interestingly refers to himself as the tyrant of Shindo.
  • The Bandits in The Bandit King are referred to as enemies of the town by King Wing, thus the reason for the quest.
  • Shindeon appears to be the founder of Shindo and 1st ruler, referenced by the town's name and the statue in the cyan castle.
    • Shindeon seems to be a hybrid of the Kangaroo and Demon creatures, as seen in the Statue and the Shindeon The Wicked painting in the castle's basement.
    • Shindeon's life and his relations to others are completely unknown. He appears to have already died, judging by his appearance in Dark and Forgotten Magic.
    • Shindeon is also implied to be an evil force of sorts.
      • His Boss appearance in Dark and Forgotten Magic has him appear as a red Vengeful Spirit - the very same ones that appear in the Underworld Dimension.
      • Yandeon and the painting depicting him and refer to him as "Shindeon the Wicked."
        • Yandeon also appears to have some past conflict with Shindeon. He specifically mentions that Shindeon and his allies have returned to disturb the forest's peace, and in Dark and Forgotten Magic, the player is tasked with destroying the Storm Wizards who are apparently trying to revive Shindeon. Once the Storm Wizards are killed, Shindeon appears as the Quest's Boss. Killing him completes the Quest.
          • The exact nature of their conflict is unknown and is up to speculation, but it's clear that Yandeon and Shindeon are not on good terms, to say the least.
            • The conflict would also seem to imply that the towns of Shindo and Yandi were also part of it, as both of their leaders appeared to be fighting each other.