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Quests are specified challenges that actually reward the player for finishing them. They are unlocked by visiting certain areas, doing specific things, etc.



The Achievements icon displays a trophy icon with "achieves" as its caption. It is located on the upper-right section of the screen.

Tapping on it will take you to the Achievements and Quests screen.


The menu displays two tabs, Achievements or Quests. Here we will be discussing the mentioned article.

The Quests

Quest Description How to Unlock Objectives Reward Completion Cooldown
Colors of the Sea TBA Talk to Cupcake Crab Collect 4 differently colored Shells Magic Bean 2 Days
The Bandit King TBA Talk to King Wing Help King Wing clear an enemy Bandit Camp Basement Key
2 Days
Dark and Forgotten Magic TBA Talk to Vitamin Ape Help Yandeon kill Storm Wizards and Shindeon with Vitamin Ape Chest Key 2 Days
The Fossil Record TBA Talk to Fossil Collector Give Fossil Collector 2 identical Fossils Spooky Well 2 Days
Critter Crush TBA Talk to Nelly Help Nelly, King Wing's housekeeper kill 35 Rat-Roaches Chest Key 36 Hours (?)