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Powers (or Perks) are special abilities the player hybrid can use.




In the game, players can use Powers as a means of dealing damage or providing additional effects for their hybrid. Each power has a unique effect, although some may have similar utilities. Some powers have a duration and will expire after a certain amount of time.

Genomes and Acquiring[]

When a player creates a new hybrid in a slot, they will receive one Genome. Genomes are used to unlock and level up Powers, and each level increases its effect and the amount of Power Energy required to use it.

At the start of the game, players only have access to one power slot. However, once a second power is obtained, a secondary slot will unlock. To assign powers to slots, players can access the Manage Powers button. This menu will show the list of unlocked powers and allow players to choose which slot to assign each power to.

Manage Powers[]

The Powers Menu is accessed through the Manage Powers button on the interface. It shows the list of powers grouped by their utility (unlocked or not), details regarding the powers, how many Genomes the player has, and the power slots allowing players to reassign their primary two powers.

Power Energy[]

Power Energy is a mechanic in the game, (continue this).


Some Perks


Current Powers[]

Here's the current list of 28 powers available in the game, each with a quick explanation of what they do:

  1. Giant: Makes your hybrid 430% bigger temporarily, dealing hefty damage when touching entities.
  2. Fireball: Damages an enemy creature.
  3. Lightning: Damages an enemy creature.
  4. Eagle Eye: Enhances your hybrid's vision range temporarily.
  5. Poison Sting: Inflicts continuous poison damage on an enemy creature for a while.
  6. Weaken: Temporarily reduces an enemy creature's damage output.
  7. Forceful Push: Knocks back enemy creatures and damages entities in a radius.
  8. Sprint: Drastically boosts your hybrid's walking speed briefly.
  9. Screech: Temporarily reduces an enemy creature's accuracy.
  10. Rejuvanate: Restores your hybrid's health.
  11. Sticky Web: Immobilizes an enemy creature temporarily (excluding attacks). Speed boost cancels this effect.
  12. Ran: Grants your hybrid speed, damages enemies on contact, and knocks them back.
  13. Pollinator: Instantly regenerates items like sticks and berries.
  14. Defensive Shell: Shields your hybrid from attackers.
  15. Summon Big Momma: Calls a giant hybrid version of yourself.
  16. Summon Bandits: Summons two bandits around you for defense.
  17. Summon Pack: Summons three copies of your hybrid around you for defense.
  18. Vampire: Drains enemy health to heal your hybrid.
  19. Ink Squirt: Blinds the enemy temporarily.
  20. Fire Storm: Summons a fire tornado around your hybrid, dealing heavy damage.
  21. Healing Touch: Swiftly heals a friend's hybrid.
  22. Rage: Increases your hybrid's damage output.
  23. Disguise: Lets your hybrid blend with surroundings for hiding.
  24. Dash: Speedily evades from enemies.
  25. Shrink: Makes your hybrid smaller and harder to hit.
  26. Tail Slap: Strikes an enemy with your hybrid's tail.
  27. Toxic Plume: Leaves behind a toxic, foul-smelling cloud.

Bugged "Powers"[]

During Update 200562, a few bugged "powers" were accidentally accessible, but they were later corrected.

  • Squish: Gives your player hybrid the Squish effect, similar to Giant but without size change.
  • Ignite: Applies the Ignite effect to your player hybrid, causing continuous fire damage.
  • Freeze: Gives your player hybrid the Freeze effect, akin to Sticky Web's effect.
  • Fire Storm: Eventually added to the official roster in the Power Update, as seen above.



  • Due to an oversight with the Dark Sword and Ancient Sword's Black Hole ability, the effect can trigger with ANY damaging attack, including damaging Powers, which can cause the effect on enemies, and even on objects that swords wouldn't normally be able to damage, such as stone and ores.
  • When the player uses Giant, and kills another creature, they are only granted 1 EXP.
  • The only way to trigger the Shindo Guards into attacking you is to either use Fireball, Lightning, Fire Storm, Forceful Push as these powers are target powers, which are used and activated when the player selects a target. The same thing will apply to Companions.
  • There is a power category called Altruist. Altruism refers to the caretaking of other living beings, specifically sentient ones. This category includes Heal Self and Healing Touch.