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An old torch.

"This track was much shorter than I expected..." - Tweeto

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Pineapple Pig is a Merchant NPC in Hybrid Animals.


Pineapple Pig's name suggests he is a hybrid of a pineapple and a pig. He has yellow spikes protruding from all over his body and green, spiny leaves seemingly growing out of his head - probably because he is part-pineapple. He has an adorable piggy snout and two outward-crossed eyes.


Pineapple Pig lives in Noobia, however, unlike most NPCs, doesn't live in a house. As you can see from his picture, he is just outside of Octo Kitty's Shack.

Items and Surroundings

Again, he is one of the four NPCs that don't live in a house. Bone Juice Seller is another example.

Pineapple Pig only has an anvil to his left, a torch beside him, and some dirt path under him. He can be found near the Noobia teleporter at the left top.


When interacted with, all NPCs talk to you with an automated dialogue before giving you the option to buy or sell.

Pineapple Pig's Dialogue:

"The world is dangerous out there..."

"Unless you are spiky, like me!"

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