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Perks (also known as powers) are abilities that your Hybrid may gain and upgrade as they upgrade their Hybrid Stats.



List Of Perks


  • Giant - Turns you into a giant to squish enemies
  • Fireball - Shoots a ball of fire to attack
  • Lightning - Shoots a bolt of lightning to attack
  • Eagle Eye - Allows you to view faraway distances
  • Poison Sting - Poisons the foe
  • Weaken - Weakens the foe's attack
  • Force Push - Pushes away enemies
  • Sprint - For faster speed
  • Screech - Confuses your enemy, and decreases their accuracy
  • Heal - Recovers some of your HP
  • Spider Web - Sticks the enemy in a web to prevent their movement except doing damage
  • Ram - Headbutts a nearby enemy and will do some knockback damage

    A preview of all perks


  • Vampire - ???
  • Invisibility - ???
  • etc.

Pros and Cons

Of course, some Perks don't come without their downsides.

For example, the Giant Perk allows the player to deal massive damage to enemies that they "squish," however, the XP gain from these kills is only ever 1, no matter the level of the enemy killed [1].

Another example includes the Ram Perk, which allows the user to rapidly approach and deal damage to an enemy. While this attack is able to get you up close to a desired battle, it can place you in a tough spot if you are low on health when using the Perk.

This is also the case with the Force Push Perk, especially in Multiplayer servers where PvP is usually melee oriented. Pushing the enemy away from you is a great defense maneuver, however as mentioned before: PvP is usually melee between two players, so sending your enemy flying away from you is not optimal as it gives them time to formulate a counter attack or to escape and recover.

Two is Company

Upon creating your hybrid, you are given a select beginning Perk based on your choices. The way the player must earn Perks is by upgrading their Hybrid Stats, which are displayed every time the player levels up.

Every 6 Upgrade Points assigned will earn the player a random Perk. If the chosen Perk is already owned, the Perk is instead upgraded by 1 level, increasing the perk's utility and perhaps the energy cost. Unfortunately, the utility of the perk does not increase past Level 10.

Perks can be assigned to the 2 Perk Slots on the bottom right of the game screen by simply tapping Manage Perks. From this menu, the player must tap on the perk they wish to equip and assign it to either Slot 1 or Slot 2.

Upon getting a second perk, it will always be there. You cannot reverse this and go back to having just one.




Eagle Eye + Sprint - Allows for rapid exploration of terrain and aids hunting in Multiplayer servers.


Sprint + Ram - Grants great mobility potential as both Perks are used for covering land in a short period. Would also work to serve an initial blow if the damage output of Ram was improved.


Weaken + Screech - Insanely good for early game, as mobs of lower level will deal less, and sometimes no damage, especially combined with Screech and Armor.(Only effective below level 40)

PvP Sets

Sniper Trapper

Eagle Eye + Spider Web - Grants good offensive and defensive capabilities and also known to be very reliable. The Eagle Eye is used for exploration, scouting and increased range of some perks, including Spider Web. (Over 100 max Power Energy recommended)

Spell Trapper

  • Fireball or Lightning + Spider Web - Grants good offensive capabilities, since you can use Spider Web to trap enemies, making easier to kill and Fireball or Lightning can be used to kill very weak enemies. (more effective in levels between 300 and 999)
  • Poison Sting + Spider Web - Similar traits but also adds pseudo anti-healing effects[2], thanks to Poison Sting.(only effective when Poison Sting is level 15[3] or higher)


Poison Sting + Heal - This is stub.

Rapid Energy Burst (High Risk, High Reward)

Force Push + (other useful perks) - If you have lots of power energy and want to get away from over-leveled players, Force Push can YEET[4] players if multiple are used in an instant. In combat where the surrounding area is littered with hostile enemies, a player can launch another player into the hoard as both defense and distraction.

One major con to relying on this technique is the rapid draining of the player's Power Energy. Subsequent Force Push uses add up, and the cost is only greater the higher level the Perk is.

The second downside to using this launch is the fact that it may not always launch in a desired direction. If the victim of the launch happens to get caught on a natural obstacle, such as a tree or rock, on their journey away from the Force Push; the victim will be halted and the launch effectiveness will be cut drastically.

(Only effective if the user has a max Power Energy over 100 and are able to maneuver to a desired angle for launch.)

  1. This was a fix to the most overpowered strategy in the game, where you would use Giant to kill high level enemies and get lots of Experience Points.
  2. Any menu in the game will close if the player got hurt. This can prevent use of healing items, like the Super Jam, but it's completely useless against the Heal perk (altough it's easily the worst perk because of how little health it regenerates)
  3. Poison Sting at level 15 or higher deals more lingering damage(4 damage per second for 6 seconds) as Level 15 Fireball or Lightning, for increased Power Energy requirements (15)
  4. Launching the enemy several meters away from from your position
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