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Octo Kitty is a food selling Merchant NPC in Hybrid Animals.


She, as her name suggests, is an octopus and kitten hybrid, that makes her appear purple. She has a single eye, because of her octopus part, but also has a white snout and a black nose due to her kitten part. She also has a Purple Wizard Hat.


She lives in a Purple Shack (formerly blue) in Noobia, to the left of the spawnpoint.

House Design

Purple Shacks usually have light violet roofs and dark purple doors, and on the inside is a dark shade of bluish-purple for the walls and a very light hue of violet for the flooring.

Interior Items

She has two bookshelves behind her, a cauldron and an Egg Fuser to her right. There is a Music Box to her left, which plays the "Blip Blop" Music Disc. Because of this, it is assumed that it is her soundtrack in-game.


When interacted with, all NPCs talk to you with an automated dialogue before giving you the option to buy or sell.

As of Version [what?], her dialogue is this:


"Meeoow Meeoow?"

(If anyone of you speaks cat, please translate.)

Items and Prices

Item Description Use Price in Coins
Buy Sell Sell (Cupcake Crab)
Jam Heals lots of health when used. Heals a little health. 25 13 7
Moon Berry Juice Improves your vision! Grants the Eagle Eye effect (similar to the Perk) with a duration. 20 20 14
Super Jam This jam is so good, it will heal all of your health! Heals ALL health. 150 150 101
Expando Bread Bread with uranium raisins. Turns you into a giant. Grants the Giant effect (similar to the Perk) with a duration. 15 15 15
Rushers x5 Sugary candy that makes you run faster for 30 seconds. Grants the Sprint effect (similar to the Perk) with a duration. 15 4 2
Mushroom Stew A tasty stew that heals some health Heals a lot of health in proportion to your level. 60 27 15
Toasted Nuts x5 Heals some health when used. Heals a little health in proportion to your level. 10 2 1
Honeycomb Ingredient Ingredient in Super Jam 5 4 2
Uranium Bar Strange power source See article 204 50 28

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  • Octo Kitty is referred to as a 'she' for easier usage of the name. She has no confirmed gender at all.
  • A real octopus has two eyes, as opposed to Octo Kitty; who has only one.
  • Octo Kitty offers Uranium Bars as a product due to her involvement with Egg Fusers, which require Eggs and Uranium Bars to operate.
  • The only 2 food items she doesn't sell are Bone Juice, which is sold by Bone Juice Dealer, and Fried Eggs, which is found in chests and crafted with an egg

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