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The music box is a placeable premium piece of furniture that allows you to create and play various songs.


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This item greatly resembles a gramophone, both in appearance and in function. However, it seems to have a larger base than average. When music is playing, colorful eighth notes would be seen appearing and fading away from the music box's funnel. The notes' colors depend on the type of instrument/sound they correspond to.

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When walking over to the music box and tapping on it, a window with 2 main panels and other secondary options will be displayed. The upper panel displays each musical page along with the length, type and height of the notes. The lower panel represents a single piano's octave, with the notes' names written on each key. The secondary options and adjustments include the instrument type (bottom left of the piano), the pitch and length of the notes (right of the piano), the number of pages (top right corner of the music page panel), etc.

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