Hybrid Animals Wiki

Multiplayer, in multiplayer you meet other fellow hybrids in servers, found clans and declare war with each other, have fun with others and make friends.


The servers are where you can play with fellow hybrids, there are two servers statuses, public and private, in public servers, any player can join it, while in private servers, only a selective few can join it. There are two types of servers, PvP servers and Non-PvP servers, in PvP servers players can attack other players while in Non-pvp servers, players can't. Players can join clans in PvP servers and can found clans themselves. Players must join at their own risk when joining PvP servers, because of high leveled skilled players there which might kill you, or even worse, an entire clan attacking you.


Clans are organized groups of players, they range from old powerful clans, weak new clans and secretive clans. Players can found clans just by simply doing such, or when players are more of a follower than a leader, players can always resort to just joining other clans. Some clans were founded purely out of boredom, some were founded to keep players occupied, not bored and simply just have a great time, while some cland were founded for server domination.