This page is about Metal. If you're looking for its veins, check Ores.

Metal Ore is a naturally generated material in Hybrid Animals. It can be crafted into a Metal Bar.


The Metal Ore is a piece of grey rock with square, brown protrusions.


Metal Ore can be obtained from a Metal Vein, which is a structure that occurs naturally. Once obtained, the vein it came from will lose the protrusions, and the player will gain and a small amount of XP.

The player requires a stone pick or metal pick to mine it. It isn't that hard to find.


Once obtained, the ore can be crafted into a Metal Bar, a basic material, which can be used for a wide variety of item- and tool-crafting that can be used later in the game.  

You will need one Ore to craft the corresponding Bar.  

An anvil is required to craft metal items. A metal pick can be used to mine other higher-quality ores and veins.  

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