Hybrid Animals Wiki

The Mutant Market is the place where you purchase stuff with gems.



The Mutant Market icon is representing by a spinning blue gem. It is on the top-leftmost part of the screen, just above the Inventory icon. Tapping on it will take the player to the market screen.


The Market features multiple tabs that showcase the different things being sold for gems.

Tapping on them will prompt the player to buy it or not, if you have the enough gems. If you do not have enough, the dialog box will display, "NOT ENOUGH GEMS" and give you the button, 'Get Gems?' Selecting it will give you the option to get 30 gems or 60 gems with real money.

If you don't want to do this, or selected the wrong tab by accident, you can tap on the red X on the top-left of the screen.

Items Available for Purchase

Note that all of the items here are only purchasable with gems.

Item Content Price
No Ads Pack Permanently removes all ads in the game $3.99 CAD
Huge Inventory Adds a 2nd page in your inventory. (+15 slots) 15 Gems
Custom Teleporters Allows the player to place and customize teleporters 15 Gems
Music Boxes Record your own songs, play disks, etc. 12 Gems
Mutation Mutates your creature with another animal and adds 10 Levels. 5 Gems
Companion Egg Allows you to hatch a hybrid pet! 5 Gems
Animal Packs Each pack has 5 Animals. Here are all of the Animal Packs' Animals. 12 Gems per pack
12 separate packs 144 Gems total
Furniture Pack #1 Unlocks 30-day Land Claims, Armor Stand and Custom Statue. 12 Gems
Furniture Pack #2 Unlocks Pool Table and Karaoke Game. 12 Gems
Furniture Pack Painting Unlocks Paint Shaker, Stamp maker, Painting Easel 15 gems