King Wing is a quest-type NPC in Hybrid Animals

King Wing


He is a Quest Type NPC, and he is an Eagle + Samurai Hybrid. He sits on a Throne inside the Cyan Castle at Shindo. Outside the castle, there is a statue that claims that he is the King Of Shindo (All Custom Statues Are King Wing Shaped). Inside the castle, there is a free companion and a statue that confirms that Shindeon was the predecessor of King Wing and the Original creator of Shindo.


He resides in a Cyan Castle, in Shindo, to the right of the town's teleporter.

House Design

The castle has 2 big rooms with decorated floors


{Meeting King Wing}

Who dares to approach me!? I am 'King Wing' tyrant of the ice!

[Can I be of any assistance]

Hmmm... yes, I suppose...

Yet another bandit camp has appeared near Shindo. ..it must be destroyed

One of my warriors hurt his back and cannot fight..

..do you wish to take his place?



[I'll do it!]

Very well... are you ready to fight?

[I'm ready]


[I'll be right back]

Don't keep me waiting

Warrior, are you prepared to fight the bandits?

[Not ready yet]

You are truly the slowest creature to have ever existed

{Giving info}

The enemy is down that road.. CRUSH THEM ALL!!!

{After defeating the bandits}

Well done, Warrior! The bandits are destroyed!

You are not as useless as I once thought..

Here.. take this as a token of my gratitude

{After you complete the quest}

Shindo is safe again, thanks to you

{Greeting the Player}

Greetings Warrior

Your battle with the bandits was truly legendary

However the Bandits have returned

Will you help me destroy them yet again?

[Not now]

What a shame...



Be gone, filthy peasant!!


In King Wings quest you defeat bandits who are actively trying to (destroy?) Shindo. Some bandits are in tents some are outside. It is currently unknown where these bandits came from.

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