This is the Inventory button. Tap on this button to open the Inventory.

The Inventory is a storage feature included with the player at all times. It includes 15 (30(33))[1] slots for items to be allocated when picked up.



The Inventory button, represented with a slowly-rotating backpack in a semi-transparent red circle, is located at the left side of the display, with height depending on the display aspect ratio.

An example of the Inventory window. This specific Inventory contains 2 pages, since Huge Inventory was bought.


The following image is your inventory space. There are 15 slots in each page, followed by 3 equipment slots for your gear and a trash slot, which instantly deletes any item you drag into it. Above the inventory slots are two buttons for switching between the inventory and crafting screens. If you have bought the Extra Inventory offer for 12 gems in the Mutant Market, your inventory will gain a new page, containing 15 spaces. To select the page you want to see, tap on the buttons below the inventory slots of corresponding name.[2]

  1. 30, if the Huge Inventory was purchased in the Mutant Market. 33 if equipment slots are included.
  2. If Extra Inventory wasn't purchased, there would be some text replacing the page buttons.
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