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About The Game

Hybrid Animals is a game by Abstract Software Inc.,

You are greeted by a random 'animal' that is spinning slowly. Spinning it even faster will transition it through a repeated cycle of messages until it vomits green squares.

  • Aaaaah!
  • Why???
  • I'm going to be sick.
  • Bleaaagh! [sic] *vomits*
  • Such is life.

If stopped from spinning (by turning it in the opposite direction of spinning slowly)

  • Thank you.
  • I hate spinning.
  • Makes me feel dizzy.

Pausing for a moment...

  • Who are you?
  • Where am I?
  • What is this void?

If spun around again

  • Noooo!!

There are two buttons on mobile: "Play Game" or "Website". To play the game, select the first button.

The website button will take you the Hybrid Animals subreddit, r/HybridAnimalsGame/

Official Description

Note that this was taken from the App Store and Google Play

"Pick 2 animals and the game will morph them together! Each hybrid animal has its own unique abilities and powers. There are millions of possible creatures to make! Explore and survive in a vast randomly generated world, battling hybrid monsters, and build a town that you control!"

Hybrid Animals Now!

Noobia & Shindo Weekly


Every Wednesday, Hybrid Animals allows all

premium animals to be used for mutation!

The best part is that you can keep the

hybrid creations, even after Wednesday!

Don't just sit there! Get the immense

Hybrid Animals craziness you need!

Octo Kitty's message

"Meow Meow! ...and ink all over

the floor again... Hurray?"


Multiplayer Updates

The long-awaited multiplayer for mobile still has no news.

The developers ain't talkin!

However, the game mode is, until now, being highly anticipated among fans.

Coming Soon to the Game!

The developer has already confirmed the things we will expect on the next update!

They posted it on the Hybrid Animals subreddit.

Link: TheFirstHybrid's Post



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The Hybrid Animals subreddit. Check out r/HybridAnimalsGame/ on Reddit!

Link: Hybrid Animals Game subreddit

The Basics

What do you actually do in this game?

Pick two animals from a giant list and the game will morph them together into a hybrid animal!


To create a creature, choose two animals (a mom and a dad) from the giant selection on the creation screen. Depending on what 'animal' you use, the hybrid creature will have different powers (see below), and different names. (main article, Creatures)


After making your hybrid, explore! Collect items to craft them into better items to collect more items to craft even better items. Earn experience (EXP) points by eating enemies, mining certain objects and destroying XP orbs to level up the hybrid and make it stronger.  


Through exploring the huge and randomly generated world, the player will uncover new places, new terrains, and new creatures. These creatures are also hybrids, however; they are considered evil. The player creature will have to battle them to earn experience points, especially if the enemy is hostile against the player.

Once the enemy creature is defeated (or eaten, as it is more commonly called) the player will earn an amount of EXP roughly in proportion to the level number of the creature. In simpler words, the player hybrid will get more XP.

What's next?


Upgrade Points are acquired through leveling up the player creature. These could be used to boost specific stats of your hybrid, like Attack or Health.

Once the player upgrades, certain aspects of their monster will be boosted. For example, Mining will increase your ability to mine stuff. Crafting will give you more items to craft using the Workbench and the Anvil. Attack will make the attack power rise while Health will up max health.

More detail of this feature can be found at article Upgrades.


Anyway, every sixth stat upgrade will give an additional Perk (or less commonly, Power).

The player starts with one perk, but may add up as they go through the game.

A Perk (or Power) is an ability that will help you throughout the game; like Giant - which turns the player into a giant. They can be selected at the bottom-right corner of the screen while playing. If you want an in-depth description of this, see Perks.


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