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Hybrid Animals is a game developed by Abstract Softwares, Inc. It's a fun little simulation game that allows you to fuse your own mutant hybrid and explore a wide, vastly generated world filled with adventure and materials to help you along the way! Battle other creatures or destroy XP blobs to level up, craft items, acquire eggs to make pets, and play with your friends in the all-new Multiplayer mode!

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Creation - Mom

Creation - Combination

Creation - Final Hybrid


Upon first entering the game, you'll be immediately greeted by the creation screen. To create a creature, choose two animals (a mom and a dad) from the giant selection on the creation screen. Depending on what 'animal' you use, the hybrid creature will have different powers, and different names.

After this, your first save slot will be created, and your new world will be generated for you. Congratulations, you are now able to play and explore it!


Gameplay & Exploration

You have just spawned in your new world. What do you need to do? Is it, A. level up, B. level up, C. level up, or D. level up? The answer is... none of them. Gameplay differs between how people want to play the game.

Sure, you could destroy every blob and enemy in your path and only gain a few levels, or gather all the resources you can build a megastructure to show off to your pals, heck, you could even drain your money to get gems to buy everything in the Mutant Market, but, in Hybrid Animals, you're free to do what you want. No goals, no restrictions.

The randomly generated world of Hybrid Animals is rich and full of surprises! Harvest naturally generated items, or plunder loot chests for rare items. When you've collected enough materials, you can create a Crafting Bench to gain more advanced recipes. After that, you can build yourself a house, or even a town! There are many secrets to discover, and many characters who need your help!


Yes, you can explore this vast randomly generated world, where you may uncover new towns, biomes, hybrid creatures, and more, but not all is what it seems in Hybrid Animals - not everyone is friendly, and the world is filled with the threat and danger of nasty hostile creatures who may want to have you for their lunch! Bring your trusty sword and armor, or your most loyal companions, when you explore the wilderness, because there's no telling what might happen out there!

Online Multiplayer

Tired of playing in your world over and over? Feeling bored because there's no one to play with? Well, with Online Multiplayer's release, you can now make friends in the game with the new system. You can invite them to your world - or they can invite you to theirs - to play! And, Hybrid Animals also offers Public Servers, another way to play with more people in a whole new scape!

Explore the peaceful lush greenery of Nexus, where you can build to your heart's content without much risk of other players harming you; have some hot cocoa in the freezing glaciers of the Aether, also a peaceful realm; or defend yourself in the wastes of the dangerous Badlands, which has PVP on. Elite players and high-profile clans gather here to engage in bloody combat (or just to show off)... and there are two other servers but they aren't worth mentioning.

Beware though, as the servers are often a breeding ground of very high-leveled hybrids, or worse, hackers, especially on Nexus and Badlands. Enter at your own risk.


r/HybridAnimalsGame - Subreddit

Have an idea for a new feature? Want to talk about game features or have a question on any of them? Let us know on the Official Hybrid Animals Subreddit!

The developer, known as "TheFirstHybrid", owns this subreddit and more than often checks on posts here, so this is a great place for those who want to share their ideas, and it's also to keep track of game updates and upcoming developments and features. Plus, the majority of the game's playerbase and community are there too, so it's a nice way to connect!

However, it isn't always convenient, as most of the time, it's clogged up with posts (many off-topic even). So for most discussions and a quieter place to talk, we'd recommend the Discord.

Hybrid Animals Official - Discord

Want to better communicate with fellow Hybrids? Want to quickly discuss in-game events and happenings with others? New friends? Trades? Clans? Our Discord server provides all of this, and more!

To make things even better, TheFirstHybrid had already declared it official, so join now!

Developer Site and Contact

Abstract Softwares, Inc. also has a website. If you would like to visit the page, please refer to the link above. You may contact them there with the e-mail they have provided.