House (aka home) is a building in Hybrid Animals.These can be used to allow for more compact use of space for lots of other buildables, especially with Underground Rooms, and as a way to prevent monsters of interrupting the area, since monsters can't go inside.


House Variants

There are 4 house variants.

  • Shacks are the cheapest and smallest homes in the game. These are seen in Noobia and Shindo.
  • Tents, a slightly larger shack made of cotton, but horrible for buildables. These are seen in Yandi.
  • Mansions, having similar indoor space with a shack and a tent combined. These are quite expensive and not seen in any town whatsoever.
  • Castle, having the indoor space of 2 mansions and 2 tents, these are the largest homes in the game. These are also very expensive and only seen in Shindo, altough unusable.


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Costs and Materials Required

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Name Indoor Space Availability Cost
Natural Merchants Buy Sell
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