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Housekeeper Nelly is a quest NPC related to the Critter Crush quest.



Housekeeper Nelly is a Quest Type NPC and a hybrid of Ostrich + Eagle. As their name and dialogue states, they are a housekeeper and serves King Wing. During introduction, Nelly states that they have slept in such awkward position because it was comfortable but it then resulted to them waking up with paralyzed legs.


Housekeeper Nelly can be found in the upstairs room of the cyan castle in Shindo.

House Design

The walls and floor are cyan. Entering the room, a marble painted small table and two metal chairs can be found to the right, along with a gray bed where Housekeeper Nelly is lying and a white chest which can be opened after finishing the Critter Crush quest. To the left, two marble bookshelves can be seen. The room also have a marble fireplace, an armor stand with Ice helmet and Ice armor on it, and a "Gumpy Pugs" painting.




In Housekeeper Nelly's quest, Critter Crush, Nelly states that they slept in such position that resulted in the paralysis of their legs. In such state, they cannot clean the basement that is infested with rat-roaches and you are give the option to help them. Accepting the quest will teleport you to the basement that is filled with various traps and your goal is to 'squash' at least 35 rat-roaches before the time runs out by stepping on them.

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