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Gumpy Pug (formerly Donald Pug) is a Merchant NPC in Hybrid Animals.


His name and appearance seems to reference that he's a politician and pug hybrid. He is located to the far left of Noobia's spawn point, inside a Red Shack.


He lives in a Red Shack in Noobia, to the north of the spawnpoint.

House Design

Red Shacks usually have dark red roofs and brown doors, and on the inside is a lighter red for the walls and a tan flooring.

Interior Items

He has a fireplace behind him, and is sitting on top of a Fancy Rug. There is a set of chairs and a wooden table to his left, and to his right, a crafting table, a locked chest, a red sofa chair, and a music box which is playing the tune "Shady Figures".


When interacted with, all NPCs talk to you with an automated dialogue before giving you the option to buy or sell.

"I know furiture, I have the best furniture!"

"Nobody knows furniture better than me!"

Items and Prices

Gumpy Pug has a rather simple collection of items, containing items that are less rare than Bongo Banana's.

Item Shop Description Use Price
Buy Sell
Builder Tools Move your objects, or pick them back up. Used to move, rotate, or pick up placed items. 5 5
Shack Cozy house that you can live in. Housing unit that is the smallest of them all. 100 37
Mansion Big House. Larger housing unit than the Shack and Tent. 4,000 210
Red Sofa Cooshy and relaxing. Functional decoration item (can be sat on). 250 39
Basket Store items inside it Has 9 storage slots to store items in. 15 15
Mystic Rug A mystical blue rug Decorative floor item. 300 31
Fancy Rug A fancy red rug Decorative floor item. 450 36
Small Table Decorative furniture Decorative item. 120 22
Big Table Decorative furniture Decorative item. 150 28
Chair Sit on it. Functional decoration item (can be sat on). 40 15
Cauldron For making food and potions Functional decoration item (can be accessed for crafting food and various other useful items). 180 22
Anvil Allows you to build weapons and armor Functional decoration item (can be accessed for crafting weapons that increase damage and armor that defends against attack damage). 100 19
Crafting Table Unlocks advanced recipes. Functional decoration item (can be accessed for crafting various items and decorations. 15 14
Dirt Path A basic dirt road dug using a stick Decoration item that forms paths. 10 for 10 items 1 per item
Cobblestone Path For walking on. Decoration item that forms paths. 20 for 10 items 2 per item
Torch Fire on a stick. Decoration item that emits light during the night. 5 5
Blue Bed Beauty sleep required. Functional decoration item (can be "slept" on). 100 27
  1. The misspelling of the word furniture in the first line is clearly a typo, though some players assume it to be intentional.
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