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Template:NPCGame Guy is a game player/info giver Personal World NPC in Hybrid Animals.


He is a cross between an elephant and a bat.

He has wings made of three adjacent parts furthest of which from the body have tips whose wings are diagonal,two short legs of a bat and an elephant body reduced to an average body size leaning down as well as a short flat tail.

His head has tusks sticking out of his cheeks that hide the lower half of his dark jaw. The upper jaw is hidden by his unusually light-gray coloured lower trunk similar to a tusk. His mouth is probably impossible to see if he has one. Unlike any member of his hybrid species he has neither elephant ears nor narrow forehead possibly caused by him wearing a white hat.


He resides in the Green Tent, in Yandi left of the village's central plaza, campfire with stumps and the Yandeon Statue.

House Design

All tents in-game are shaped similar to yurts in real life. A Green Tent has a somewhat-green cloth for its exterior. Its interior has all of its low walls colored in a lime green, and an even lighter salad green for the floor.

Interior Items

He has a karaoke on the upper right corner and a monster poker on the lower left corner.


This is the only NPC that neither sells nor buys anything, just informs you and may challenge you in gaming skills

"Welcome to the Tent of Games!!"

"Pick a game, any game!"

"Beat me and you'll win a prize!"


  • Game Guy is one of 2 NPCs who has a hat; the other being Octo Kitty
  • Game Guy's house interior has the fewest items as of now
  • Game Guy's house is the only house whose door is on the upper side
  • Game Guy and King Wing are the only NPCs as of now who neither sell nor buy anything
  • Game Guy might not have a mouth
  • Both Game Guy and Fossil Collector are hybrids of default animals.