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Food is a resource in Hybrid Animals.


Food is used to apply some effect, from healing to a longer duration perk. They can be found in chests, in the wild, or can be bought from NPCs.

They can be:

  • Found in randomly-generated gold and titanium chests around the world;
  • Crafted in cauldrons with some ingredients
  • The ingredient(s) (e.g. mushrooms, berries)
  • Bought from an NPC.

There is an incredibly wide variety of foods to choose from. They range from mere items to craftable food.

Below are lists that enumerate the food and show their descriptions and prices. There are two lists, one for the cauldron-crafted foods, and the other for the natural foods.

Cauldron-Crafted Foods

These are all of the food that are made through the Cauldron. Note that most of the prices on the 'buy' column are taken from Octo Kitty's wide selection of food.

Food Effect Prices Rarity Icon
Buy Sell
Jam Heals some health 25 15 Uncommon
Moonberry Juice Increases vision (Eagle Eye) 20 12 Uncommon
Moonberry Juice.png
Super Jam Restores your entire health 150 90

Super Rare

Super Jam.png
Toasted Nuts Heals a little health 3 1 Uncommon
Toasted Nuts.png
Coco Loco Heals a lot of health 25 15 Rare
Coco Loco.png
Mushroom Stew Heals a lot of health 60 36 Rare
Mushroom Stew.png
Rushers Double your walking speed for 30 seconds (Sprint) 10 6 Uncommon
Expando Bread Turns you into a giant for 30 seconds (Giant) 15 9 Rare
Expando Bread.png
Bone Juice Gives you 30 xp 300 12 Uncommon
Bone Juice.png

Campfire-Crafted Foods

These are all of the food that are made through the Campfire.






Buy Sell
Fried Egg Heals some health N/A 16 Rare
Fried Egg.png
Cooked Meat Heals some health N/A 16 Common
Cooked Meat.png

Natural Foods

These are all the food items that are naturally found in the wild. They do not need a cauldron to craft.

Some of them can be used as ingredients for cauldron-craftable food. For example, Gold Berry is a part of Super Jam, while Brown Mushrooms are the main ingredient for Mushroom Stew.

Food Effect Prices


Buy Sell
Berry Unknown ? Common
Moon Berry ? Uncommon
Moon Berry.png
Gold Berry ? 21 Super Rare
Gold Berry.png
Salmon Berry ? 43 Rare
Salmon Berry.png
Brown Mushroom ? Common
Red Mushroom ? Uncommon
Item red mushroom.png
Purple Mushroom Poisons Damage depends

on the level you have.

? Rare
Purple Mushroom.png