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Filbert (full name Filbert the Farmer) is an NPC in Yandi.


He looks like a red panda and hedgehog hybrid. His parts are partly indistinguishable from each other, but the hedgehog part is represented by the huge brown thing on his back (possibly its spikes).

The red panda half might be shown as the expression on his face and his striped bushy tail.


Filbert lives in Yandi. He can be seen directly on the dirt path that interconnects the village or exactly above Shooba's Red Tent

Items and Surroundings

He is one of the four NPCs that don't live in a house.

Filbert is right outside the entrance to Yandi's garden, his being a farmer in all. The garden appears to be his own farm and creation. It has a fence guarding it in all directions except towards the road and Filbert.

It is on top of the dirt path that joins the village.


When interacted with, all NPCs talk to you with a dialogue before giving you the option to buy or sell.

"It's me, Filbert the Farmer!"

".Check out what I found in the mud!."

Items and Prices

Being a farmer, he only sells natural items or other related things. For example, the shovel, which can be utilized to transfer plants and nests.

Item Description Use Price
Buy Sell
Shovel Allows you to move bushes, mushrooms, and bee hives. Used to move bushes, hives, and mushrooms. 20 coins 20 coins
Beehive A beehive that produces honeycombs. Can be placed and produces Honeycomb. 275 coins 165 coins
Berry Bush A bush that produces berries. Can be placed and produces Berries. 120 coins 72 coins
Salmon Berry A rare berry! Used to craft Red House Paint. 15 coins 9 coins
Moon Berry A rare berry! Used to brew Moon Juice. 15 coins 9 coins
Gold Berry A super rare berry! Used in a variety of high tier recipes, including Super Jam and Black House Paint. 100 coins 60 coins
Cotton Plant A bush that produces cotton. Can be placed and produces cotton. 170 coins 102 coins
Dug-up Mushroom A mushroom dug up with a shovel. Can be replanted. Can be placed, produces Mushrooms. 40 coins 24 coins
Red Mushroom A rare mushroom! (info required) 25 coins 15 coins
Purple Mushroom A rare, poisonous mushroom! Used in a few recipes, the most noted being Poison Spikes. 40 coins 24 coins
Cotton Crafting material Used in crafting rugs, tents, and other such cotton related wares. 9 coins 5 coins
Stick Crafting material Essential resource used in a variety of recipes. 10 coins 6 coins
Bonsai Tree Such a tiny tree! I wonder how old is it... ??? 3,000


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