The Egg Fuser in Octo Kitty's house.

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The Egg Fuser is a placeable item that allows you to fuse two collected eggs together to make one hybrid pet.



It looks like a green pentagonal table with two blue eggs above it. In the middle is a laser-like object that shoots out greenish lightning sparks to probably portray the radioactivity of uranium; these sparks are true to almost all uranium-related objects in the game.


After tapping on it in the overworld, you will see it has three slots; the top two are for collected eggs (at most 2) and another one for the uranium bar.


Before the update featuring this item, there was absolutely no use for uranium bars and eggs! Now that it came, the uranium bars finally had meaning. The Egg Fuser fuses two eggs together to create another tiny mutant creature that follows you around and fights with you!

Usually, the player will have to pay 5 gems for a Companion Egg. Now, there's no more need for gems to have a pet. Get an Egg Fuser now and start breeding!!!

Any two collected eggs from any animal will give you a pet through placement in the Egg Fuser. Just grab one uranium bar along with the eggs, and begin exploring multiple options and hybrid pets!

Fusion Begin

Again, two eggs and one uranium bar is required to power it.

When the eggs and uranium bar are placed in it correctly, the "Start Fusion" button will appear; tapping on it will activate the Fuser - starting the fusion process. This process will take 30 minutes to complete.

Pro Tip: Watching and waiting it finish will be boring and a waste of your time. Instead, feel free to do what as you please also dont afk beacause this will cause the egg to say "Start Fusion" Again so be a bit carefull for how long you take (30 mins is really Quick when you play Hybrid Animals especialy on higher levels.)

No Longer Lonely

After the thirty minutes have elapsed, the player needs to check on the Egg Fuser. Doing so will prompt the player to tap on the "Hatch" button on the menu to obtain the hybrid. Once hatched, a tiny creature will appear on the screen, this creature will be the pet!

Congratulations! You are now a pet-owner. See the article Companion (Pet) for more details about your hybrid friend.

Allied Combat

The companion has levels too, like the player and any other creature. It needs the training to become stronger. It can die as well, like most creatures...

Endless Fun

You can actually get more than one pet. The limit is uncertain, though. However, only two can follow you at the time.

Try and try again to experiment with what you can get!


Can be crafted with 2 metal bars and 3 uranium bars with the Workbench.

Could also be found in gold and titanium chests.

Octo Kitty sells a uranium bar for 300 gold. Aside from that, she has an Egg Fuser in her house, which can be quite useful for getting a pet early in the game.

The Egg Fuser can be sold to Gumpy Pug, Bongo Banana, and Cupcake Crab for 375 gold.

Game Icon

Egg Fuser.png



  • Primarily, uranium bars and eggs had no use at all. With the release of this machine, now those things can help you get a small friend in your game.
  • The Egg Fuser can be placed anywhere.
  • The Egg Fuser takes 30 minutes to complete its fusion process.
  • You can have more than one pet.
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