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Cupcake Crab is a Merchant NPC in Hybrid Animals.


Their name suggests that they are a cupcake and crab hybrid.

Cupcake Crab has a pink swirl of frosting atop their head and body. They also have two brightly orange-colored pincers and a small silly face with their cute little open-mouth smile.

They used to have a serious face from the crab part, but it was replaced with the cutesy face to make them more friendly.


Cupcake Crab is in Noobia, although positioned at some distance from the spawnpoint. You have to walk a bit farther to reach them, as they are near the town's outskirts, exactly before of the dirt path headed for Shindo.

Items and Surroundings

They are one of the four NPCs that don't live in a house or in a town proper.

Cupcake Crab only has a lone torch to their left and the dirt path leading to Shindo in front of them which extends to either sides.


When interacted with, all NPCs talk to you with a dialogue before giving you the option to buy or sell.

This is what they say:

I'll buy anything! ... but I won't pay much, hehehe


Cupcake Crab also has the quest icon above them, signifying that they can give out a Quest. Their quest is known as "Colors of the Sea"

After choosing the dialogue option "Want anything special?"

Cupcake Crab answers:

Now that you mention it...

I've wanted to get my claws on some SEA SHELLS!

I would get them myself, but...

#2 A [["I'll get you some sea shells"]]


#3 A [["Okay! I will find them!"]]

Good luck!

  1. 2 B [["Why can't you get them yourself?"]]

I might have scammed wrong hybrids

and I might be permanently banned from the sea...

...I'm also banned from bakeries...


#3 B A [["I'll get you your sea shells"]]

There are 4 shells that I want...





Get me them all!

#4 B A [["Okay! I will find them!"]]

Good luck!

#4 B B [["What's in it for me"]]

If you can find them all for me...

I'll give you a super secret item that a merchant left behind

#5 A [["Sounds good to me!"]]

Good luck!

#5 B [["Please don't be a scam.."]]


Good luck!

#3 B B [["You're a bad person"]]

Wrong! I'm not a bad person...

...I'm a bad CRAB! hehehe


In the karaoke machine his song is "Cupcake Crab at the Beach".

Items and Prices

Like I said, they do not have the buy option. You can only sell items, but only for a lower price than if you sell the items to the specialized NPC. e.g sell price for Super Jam is 150 Coins(Octo Kitty) but for Cupcake Crab it's 44 Coins.

They are incredibly useful for earning money or "gold", and getting rid of unwanted items in the game, because they would buy absolutely anything - even if the item cannot be sold elsewhere.

They have an NPC quest that you can complete, signified by the book icon above their overworld entity. The quest is named "Colors of the Sea" and it requires you to gather four random specific-colored shells. After obtaining all needed shells, you give them to Cupcake Crab and they will give you a magic bean item, and it is used for planting beanstalks, that leads to the clouds dimension.

Magic Bean.png


  • Cupcake Crab is the first NPC that doesn't sell anything. He can only buy from you.
  • Cupcake Crab is said to be permanently banned in the seas, and in the bakeries...
  • Cupcake Crab is the first and only (as of version 200291) NPC to have a quest function.
  • Cupcake Crab is also one of four NPCs not to have a house.
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