Creatures are the animals that wander around the world, the NPCs, and the player.

Wild Creatures

Wild creatures spawn around the world usually in groups. They can be hybrids of two different animals (or of other things like pizza), which are also creatures. Around the map there are other creatures that wander around while some (that are not hybrids) are guarding eggs. You can fuse two eggs together in the Egg Fuser to get a hybrid pet.


There is very little known about the ghost, all that is known is that they have a rare chance of spawning instead of the spawn that was supposed to happen. Appearance wise, they take the form of whatever creature they replaced, except light blue and transparent. Ghosts have the same behaviors, and size as the creature they are replacing. The name of the creature is replaced by the word 'ghost' and ghosts will drop bones upon death (needs more studies to be proven 100% true)

Creature Behavior

There are faces that display above the creature depending on their behavior. They are either scared of you/docile (shown by a blue scared face,) neutral (shown by a gray unimpressed face,) or aggressive/hostile (shown by a red angry face). A pet obtained through the Egg Fuser or hatched from a companion egg will show a yellow lazy/peaceful face above it.


"Scared" behavior

Creatures displaying a blue scared face icon above themselves will run away from the player if approached. They will run for an extended period of time, but will attempt to defend themselves by resorting to attacking when chased for long enough.


"Docile" behavior

Creatures displaying a gray unimpressed face will keep to themselves if left alone. They do not attack if approached but will begin dishing out attacks once attacked themselves. Any form of damage that comes from the player will trigger an aggressive response from them. These creatures will pursue and attack the player for a duration before returning to a neutral state. Once returned to this state, the creature will not attack the player unless provoked once more.


"Hostile" behavior

Creatures displaying the red angry face icon will always be aggressive towards the player. Approaching these creatures only results in them chasing and attacking you. Attacking these creatures from a distance only serves to give away your location, as they will begin chasing you from a much longer range. These creatures eventually give up the chase, however, and retreat towards their location prior to being provoked. Unlike the creatures sporting the gray unimpressed face, they will not convert to a neutral state and are willing to attack any new player that approaches them.

"Peaceful" behavior


These faces will only appear on Companions. Creatures displaying these icons above their heads are likely your friend, and will likely attack other creatures who have decided to show aggression towards you, or other creatures you order them to attack.

Player Creatures

Player creatures are creatures that the player plays as.


To create a creature, choose two animals (a mom and a dad) from the selection on the creation screen. Depending on what 'animal' you use, the hybrid creature will have different perks, and different names.

Default Animal Options

When selecting which animals you wish to add to the Hybrid, the beginning options include the Default animals. These animals are available to the player from the beginning of the game and are available to use whenever. On the selection screen, this category of animals is displayed within blue bubbles.

Default Animal bubbles.

Other animals must be purchased from the Mutant Market before they may be used. These are known as Premium animals and are displayed on the selection screen within gold bubbles.

Premium Animal bubbles.

List of possible prefixes and suffixes (name parts) when using both Default and Premium animals:

Animal Prefix Suffix Premium?
Airplane Sky Glider Yes
Alligator Swamp Chomper No
Alpaca Woolly Llama Yes
Angel Holy Saviour Yes
Ant Biting Beetle No
Asparagus Green Veg Yes
Astronaut Space Cosmonaut Yes
Avocado Creamy Guacamole Yes
Banana Yellow Fruit Yes
Bat Winged Hawk No
Bear Russian Grizzly No
Beaver Bucktooth Burrower No
Bicycle Rolling Cycle Yes
Bunny Hopping Fluffball No
Butterfly Flutter Beauty Yes
Camel Spitting Mule No
Car Moto Beater Yes
Carrot Vitamin Vitamins Yes
Caterpillar Grub Worm Yes
Cheeseburger Mc. Burger No
Chicken Feathered Bird No
Chickenwing Crispy Nugget Yes
Chihuahua Scrappy Yapper Yes
Chimpanzee Furry Ape No
Chinchilla Cheeky Fuzzball Yes
Cockroach Sewer Roach Yes
Cookie Coco Pastry Yes
Corgi Stumpy Floof Yes
Corn Kernel Cob Yes
Cow Dairy Lard Yes
Crab Beach Snapper No
Cupcake Icing Cake Yes
Devil Hell Demon Yes
Dolphin Pacific Whale No
Doughnut Gooey Hole Yes
Dragon Wicked Beast Yes
Duck Quacking Nibbler No
Dwarf Bearded Beard No
Eagle Liberty Hawk Yes
Elephant African Mammoth No
Flamingo Tuki Tuki Yes
Fly Buzzing Beetle Yes
Fork Stabby Stabber No
Fox Curious Trickster Yes
Frenchfries Crispy Fry Yes
Frog Bog Toad No
Garbage Truck Garbage Dumber Yes
Gecko Slimey Lizard Yes
Giraffe Spotted Strider No
Goat Horned Rammer No
Goose Flying Pidgeon No
Gorilla Silverback Ape No
Grasshopper Hopping Hopper Yes
Great Dane Great Dane Yes
Guitar Acoustic Strummer No
Hedgehog Spikey Spikeball Yes
Helicopter Sky Chopper Yes
Hippo Hungry Stomper No
Horse Prancing Steed No
Hotdog Breaded Buns Yes
Human Bald Man No
Influencer Social Messenger Yes
Kangaroo Hopping Joey No
Kitten Teeny Kitty Yes
Komodo Dragon Stalking Lizard Yes
Ladybug Lady Bettle Yes
Lion Roaring King No
Manatee Thicc Lardball Yes
Mantis Praying Mantis Yes
Moose Canadian Stag No
Mouse Tiny Thief Yes
Narwhal Spear-Headed Whale No
Ninja Stealth Warrior Yes
Octopus Eight-Legged Squid No
Ostrich Flightless Strider No
Owl Hooting Hooter No
Panda Fuzzy Muncher Yes
Pig Porky Porker No
Pineapple Juicy Fruit Yes
Pizza Cheesy Slice Yes
PolarBear Polar Ravager No
Politician Spray-Tanned CEO Yes
Poodle Fluffy Dog No
Pufferfish Puffing Fish No
Puffin Northern Swooper Yes
Pug Poo Blob Yes
Pumpkin Jack O' Lantern Yes
Raccoon Night Panda No
Raptor Jurassic Snapper Yes
Red Panda Soft Panda Yes
Rhino Bighorned Steed No
Salmon Splashy Fish No
Samurai Slashing Slasher Yes
Santa Kringle Man No
Scorpion Pinching Pincher No
Seahorse Swimming Horse No
Shark Great-White Chomper No
Shiba inu Bork Sheeb Yes
Skunk Poot Pooter Yes
Slide Slippery Slide Yes
Sloth Tree Man No
Snail Sludge Slug No
Snake Slithering Cobra No
Spider Wolf Hawk No
Squirrel Fluffy Nutbunny No
Starfish Star Fish No
Stingray Stinging Ray No
Tiger Striped Cat No
Tree Leafy Bush Yes
T-Rex Prehistoric Raptor No
Turtle Shelled Lizard No
Unicorn Uni Pony Yes
Walrus Obese Fatty No
Wasp Stinging Buzzer No
Watermelon Juice Melons Yes
Wolf Timber Howler No
Yeti Arctic Yeti No

There is the mutation stone behind the parents being fused. On it, the hybrid will suddenly appear after the process is finished. An empty white space surrounds everything.


Main article: NPC

NPCs or the non-player characters are the different creatures around towns that may help you in your travels. They range from food-selling to information and decor-trading.

Each of them have their own pages in this wiki. You can look them up or simply click on the links below.

Here is the list:

Name Type Location Hybrid
Octo Kitty Food Vendor Noobia, in Blue Shack left of spawnpoint Octopus + Kitten
Pineapple Pig Blacksmith Noobia, to the left, near Octo Kitty's Shack Pineapple + Pig
Vitamin Ape[1] Blacksmith Yandi, in Black Tent, next to Filbert Carrot + Gorilla
Gumpy Pug Item Seller Noobia, in Red Shack far above spawnpoint Politician + Pug
Cupcake Crab Buyer/Quest-Giver Noobia's Outskirts, on the path to Shindo Cupcake + Crab
Bongo Banana Item-Seller Shindo, in the Green Shack near Cyan Castle[2] Human + Banana
Bone Juice Seller Food Vendor Shindo's Outskirts, just outside a wood wall Cow + Rhino
Tweeto Item-Seller Shindo, in Blue Shack below Bongo Banana's Green Shack Puffin + Owl
Fossil Collector Item-Trader

(ᶦⁿ ᵖʳᵒᵍʳᵉˢˢ)

Yandi's Outskirts, in the Evergreen Cave on the right side of the dirt road Beaver + Raccoon
Shooba Item-Seller Yandi, in Red Tent just above Yandi's teleporter Alpaca + Goat
Filbert Farmer Yandi, just next to the small town garden Hedgehog + Red panda
Petunia Hat Seller Noobia, in Black Shack near Gumpy Pug's Red Shack Butterfly + Red Panda
Game Guy Game Player/ Info-Giver Yandi, inside the Green tent. Elephant + Bat
King Wing Quest-Giver Shindo, in the Cyan Castle near to the Custom Statue Eagle + Samurai

More Info

  1. Vitamin Ape was formerly an Info-Giver at Noobia
  2. Cyan Mansion if the Yandi update isn't available (aka old hybrid slot)


Every NPC has a dialogue upon being interacted with. You can see their dialogues in their individual pages.

After each dialogue, there are two options, to buy or to sell (except for Vitamin Ape, and Cupcake Crab--who only has the sell option).

Selecting buy will make the player go through the NPC's shop to buy an item while tapping on sell will make the player sell something from their inventory (Excpect Cupcake Crab. It buy's anything. You can cancel a conversation by pressing the X on the top-right of the screen.




Wild Creatures and Player Creatures

  • A glitch in the game makes human creatures (and humanoids) sleep upside-down with half of their bodies clipping through the bed.
  • Some animals have some their parts clipping into their bodies, shrinking, or enlarging.
    • An example is the helicopter, in which its eyes and mouth are barely seen.
  • The Angel animal resembles the religious figure Jesus Christ.
  • The Politician animal depicts 45th US President Donald J. Trump.


  • Bongo Banana sells high-quality decoration items, despite Gumpy Pug saying HE does.
    • Gumpy Pug actually sells basic (and mostly uneeded) decor items.
  • Bone Juice Seller strangely only sells Bone Juice and is the only one to do so.
    • His manner of speaking and his location seems to suggest he is illegally selling Bone Juice.[1]
    • He is also the only one to sell only one kind of product.
  • More NPCs are planned to added to Noobia, Shindo, Yandi, and to possible future towns in the next updates.

  1. in older versions of the game he would say: 'hey you, want some bone juice?' which made it sound more like dealing drugs. it has been changed to: 'hey you, want to level up fast?'
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