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Companions are small creatures that can follow the player and attack with them.


A player can obtain free companions in the red tent in Yandi, in the cyan castle in Shindo, and by the campfire in Muckwood. (cannot find out how to put a photo)

A companion (pet) in shooba's tent in Yandi

A companion (pet) in shooba's tent in Yandi

A companion (pet) in King Wing's Castle in Shindo

A companion (pet) in King Wing's Castle in Shindo

A companion (pet)'s screen

A companion (pet)'s screen

The traditional way of obtaining a pet is through a Companion Egg, which can be either bought from the Mutant Market for 7 Gems or fused from an Egg Fuser.


  • Attack Something - The Companion attacks an entity the player taps on.
  • Walk Somewhere - The Companion goes to a location the player taps on.
  • Hold/Use Items - Opens the Companion's inventory.
  • Wait Here - Places the Companion on waiting. While in wait, Companion will stay still on a location the player taps on until they are interacted with again.
  • Rename - Renames the Companion for 2 Gems.
  • Guard - Places the Companion on Guard. This will make the Companion stay still unless approached by a foreign hybrid, which will make the Companion attack it.


A Companion will not be balanced to the level a player has, and cannot be leveled up with Bone Juice.

Companions may level up by gaining XP, which can be accomplished by allowing them to kill entities.

A Companions' attack and protection can be increased with armor and weapons.


Companions have been in the game since 2016 and had many, very devastating bugs and glitches.

  • It would be stuck in a certain level unable to be leveled up. This has been patched in a certain update [when?].
  • In rare cases in which a player's game did not write save information properly, "waiting" Companions that had been placed on a Personal World would corrupt and would lose all their levels, inventory items, and held items. This bug has since been researched and fixed.
  • Another situation pertaining to save writing going awry is the "Data Unavailable" error. This error occurs when a Companion is placed on a Multiplayer server and the game fails to properly write into the "waiting" companions save file. This error will then appear upon attempting to get the Companion to follow, rendering the Companion unobtainable. It is unknown if this bug still exists, as the Multiplayer servers have shut down and been removed multiple times.
  • A companion may disappear permanently if the structure it is sitting on is deleted.