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This is the category for Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in the game.

NPCs or the non-player characters are the different creatures around towns that may help you in your travels. They range from food-selling to information and decor-trading.

Each of them have their own pages in this wiki. You can look them up or simply click on the links below.


Name Type Location Hybrid
Octo Kitty Merchant Noobia, in Blue Shack left of spawnpoint Octopus + Kitten
Pineapple Pig Merchant Noobia, near Anvil and close to teleporter Pineapple + Pig
Gumpy Pug Merchant Noobia, in Red Shack far above spawnpoint Politician + Pug
Cupcake Crab Unique Merchant


Noobia's Outskirts, on the path to Shindo Cupcake + Crab
Bongo Banana Merchant Shindo, in the Green Shack near Blue Mansion[1] Human + Banana
Bone Juice Dealer Merchant Shindo's Outskirts, just outside a wood wall Cow + Rhino
Tweeto Merchant Shindo, in Blue Shack below Bongo Banana's Green Shack Puffin + Owl
Fossil Collector Information



Yandi's Outskirts, in the Evergreen Cave on the right side of the dirt road Beaver + Raccoon
Shooba Merchant Yandi, in Red Tent just above Yandi's teleporter Alpaca + Goat
Filbert Merchant Yandi, just next to the small town garden Red Panda + Hedgehog
Petunia Merchant Noobia, in Black Shack near Gumpy Pug's Red Shack Butterfly + Red Panda
Vitamin Ape Merchant


Yandi, in a Black Tent north-west of the town Carrot + Gorilla
King Wing Quest Shindo, in Cyan Castle north of the town Ninja + Bat
Yandeon Information ???, northwest in a cave Frog + Dwarf


Every NPC has a dialogue upon being interacted with. You can see their dialogues in their individual pages.

After each dialogue, there are two options, to buy or to sell (except for Vitamin Ape, and Cupcake Crab-who only has the sell option).

Selecting buy will make the player go through the NPC's shop to buy an item while tapping on sell will make the player sell something from their inventory. You can cancel a conversation by pressing the X on the top-right of the screen.


You can also add to the Gallery by taking photos related to the NPCs.

  1. Cyan Castle if the Yandi update is available (aka new hybrid slot)

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