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This is the category for Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in the game.

NPCs or the non-player characters are the different creatures around towns that may help you in your travels. They range from food-selling to information and decor-trading.

Each of them have their own pages in this wiki. You can look them up or simply click on the links below.

Interact able characters Echo, Murmur, and Whisper are not listed here, though they give a riddle and reside in the first igloo in Muckwood


ТГ. Type Location Hybrid
Merchant Noobia, in a purple/blue(old) shack west of spawn pedestal Octopus + Kitten
Pineapple Pig Merchant Noobia, near an anvil and close to Noobia teleporter kronzi boris


mpy Pug]]

Merchant Noobia, in a red shack northwest of spawn pedestal Pug + Snail
Cupcake Crab Merchant (Buyer only)


Noobia's Outskirts, on the dirt path to Shindo Cupcake + Crab
Petunia Merchant Noobia, in blue/black(old) shack near the gold chest Butterfly + Red Panda
Bongo Banana Merchant Shindo, in the green shack near the cyan castle/blue mansion(old)[1] Human + Banana
Bone Juice Seller Merchant Shindo's Outskirts, outside a wood wall Cow + Rhino
Tweeto Merchant Shindo, in a cyan shack below the green shack Puffin + Owl
King Wing Information (Bandit Camp)


Shindo, in a cyan castle north of the town

Visible at the Bandit Camp

Housekeeper Nelly Quest Shindo, in the upstairs room inside King Wing's Castle Ostrich + Eagle
Shindo Warrior (Sleeping) Information Visible in the Critter Crush Quest's location Shark + Wolf
Fossil Collector Quest Yandi's Outskirts, in the Evergreen Cave on the right side of the dirt path Racoon + Panda
Shooba Merchant Yandi, in a red tent just above Yandi teleporter Alpaca + Goat
Filbert Merchant Yandi, just next to the small town garden Hedgehog + Red Panda
Vitamin Ape Merchant


Yandi, in a black tent northwest of the town Carrot + Gorilla
Game Guy Information Yandi, in a green tent in-front of the campfire Elephant + Bat
Yandeon Quest (Progression) Unknown location, northwest in a cave Chimpanzee + Frog
Chonk Merchant Heartwood, in a shack northeast of the heartwood town Manatee + Alligator
Milo Information Heartwood oudside of the town Corgi + hotdogs
Jacques Merchant Heartwood, in a windmill east of the town Shiba inu + pumpkin
Pantara Merchant Heartwood, in a mansion just above the teleporter Panther + Chameleon
Old Mann Finn Information Dustville, in a outside warehouse on the town Chihuahua + Fox
HopSqueak Information Dustville, in a warehouse northwest of the town Kangaroo+mouse
Gus Information Dustville in a warehouse northwest of the town Bat + Vulture
Jacklin Merchant Dustville, in a warehouse northwest of the town Panda + hummingbird
Deeno Merchant Dustville, in a warehouse northwest of the town Dragon + Giraffe
Willow Merchant Muckwood in a igloos igloos east north of the town Turtle+ beaver
Bogbeard Information Muckwood, campfire of the town Goat + komodo dragon
Echo + Murmur + Whisper Information Muckwood in a igloos of the town Snail + Crow
Snaggle Merchant Muckwood, oudside of the town Alligator + owl
Ranger Dotty Merchant Outpost 250m, in a shack beside the teleporter Fox + Ladybug
Traveler Information Outpost 250, sitting outside the Shack Bear + Rhino

Other Characters

These are characters that are visible/mentioned in the game (regardless the slot), but aren't NPC's
Name Type Mentioned Where/Appears Where Hybrid
Shindo Guard Guarding Companion Guarding Shindo's Entrances Dwarf + Wolf
Royal Guard Guarding Companion Guarding besides King Wing (castle) Gorilla + Ninja
Free Follower

(Random Name per slot)

Free Follower Inside King Wings Castle

Inside Shooba's Tent

Muckwood Campfire

Random hybrid per slot
Rat-Roach Quest Enemy Inside the Critter Crush Quest's Location Mouse + Cockroach
Bandits Quest Enemy Appearing outdoors inside the Bandit Camp

Appearing inside the Cyan Tents and the Regular Tent in the Bandit Camp

Wolf + Shark
Elite Bandit Quest Enemy Appearing inside the Regular Tent in the Bandit Camp Samurai + Raptor
Bandit King Quest Enemy Appearing Inside the Black Tent in the Bandit Camp Eagle + Raptor
Shindeon Evil Spirit (Quest Enemy)


Mentioned by Yandeon

Statue inside King Wing's Castle

Spawner appearing in the Wizard Camp

Kangaroo + Devil
Storm Wizards Quest Enemy Appearing inside the Wizard Camp Wolf + Shark
Shindeon Dark and Forgotten Magic Quest


Shindeon Boss Spawner

Final enemy in Dark and Forgotten Magic Quest Underworld NPC

Kangaroo + Devil


Every NPC has a dialogue upon being interacted with. You can see their dialogues in their individual pages.

Merchant NPCs are symbolized by a bronze-colored? circle with $ (Dollar symbol) marked on it. They give two options after their dialogue, to buy or to sell (Cupcake Crab only has the sell button, and his quest). Selecting buy will make the player go through the Merchant's shop to buy an item while tapping on sell will make the player sell something from their inventory. You can cancel a conversation by pressing the X on the top-right of the screen.

Quest NPCs are symbolized by a darkish-gold colored circle with an old book with a marker on it. These can be assigned to other Merchants and will replace the sell button (except Cupcake Crab, where the button doesn't get removed and instead the quest button is added), which when tapped on, more dialogue related with the quest pops up and gives you some choices (that depend on what NPC the player's talking to and if the quest surrounding the NPC was already completed).

Information NPCs are symbolized by a white "i" in a blue circle icon above them.


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  1. Cyan Castle if the Yandi update is available (aka new hybrid slot)

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