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Big Mommas (Bosses) are large animals that are not hybrids, (ex. kitten). They always spawn on top of a nest with an egg of the same kind. The Bosses are listed here.

A boss. This one right next to me is a lv. 718 Squirrel.


A boss usually has larger sizes and twice the levels in relation to the hybrid creatures around them . They always spawn on a nest with their corresponding egg in it.

Bosses are normally docile (represented by a gray, serious face) until provoked.


All Bosses, including nests and eggs, generate randomly all throughout the world. This means that they can spawn anywhere, including towns and clipping through houses, trees, and ponds.

In the case of towns, Shindo is the most common victim of accidental spawning. Bosses like the Moose, Bear, Polar Bear, Bunny, or even an Owl could spawn in or near Shindo. Noobia and Yandi have a much less boss-spawning danger.


A Boss has a very high health mark and quite remarkable levels, especially if they are found farther away from the spawnpoint. They also have powerful attack stats and raised health regeneration.

They can be extremely difficult to defeat, so many players choose not to beat it. They avoid attacking the boss at a close range and try hit and run tactics; although it may be risky to attempt.

Multiple players target the Egg instead of the Boss itself. Once its Egg is obtained, and both boss and nest are out of sight, the Boss will despawn, leaving an empty nest. This won't always work though, because the boss might spawn again with a new egg.

Important! Remember that higher-leveled bosses could have hostile creatures around them, so steer clear of them! The Egg Hunt

First Strategy - The Force

Your hybrid needs either the perks Ram or Force Push to knock the boss back to a distance so you could buy yourself enough time to rush up to the nest and grab the egg.

Force Push has one liabililty though, you need to get close enough.

Make sure to watch out for possible obstacles like trees and boulders, they might stop the knockback effect and get the boss even closer to you!

Second Strategy - Obstacle Course

(Note: this would only work if the surrounding area has lots of potential obstacles)

Agitate the boss with ranged perks (e.g. Poison, Lightning) so it would chase you. Then, make it run after you through a series of rocks, trees, ponds, or other things and somehow let it get stuck on one of them.

The Bosses' AI usually only allow them to move in one direction; to the thing they are chasing; so they wouldn't pay attention to anything in front of them - and they won't go through or around them!

The best thing for this if you also have the perk, Sprint, a Speed Helm, or at least have Rushers in your Inventory.

Once the boss gets stuck (usually on a pond) you can go back for the Egg, but be ready, as the boss may somehow free itself or nearby hostile creatures might spot you.

Third Strategy - Exploits

When you are being chased through method 1 or 2, grab the egg and either teleport out or go to main menu*. That way, the boss won't chase you anymore.

Fourth Strategy - Just Winging It

Just attack it if you're brave and strong enough. You can get a huge amount of XP and the egg.


*sometimes a little progress can dissapear if you do so*


  • Premium creatures eggs (except kitten, eagle flamingo) has no bosses and can only obtained through bugs or hacking, which is highly discouraged.
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