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Bongo banana is a furniture-selling NPC in Hybrid Animals. 


His shape seems to reference that he is a human and banana hybrid. Although his human hybrid components aren't clear, the human mouth, eyes, and mouth appear as notable human features.


He has a Green Shack located near the Shindo teleporter, next to the King Wing cyan castle.

 House Design

Green Shacks usually have deep green roofs and brown doors. The walls on the inside are green, while the floor has a light jade color.

Interior Items

He has a small granite table and two leather sofas to his left, and a lone Music Box to his left, which is playing the music "Bongo Songo".


When interacted with, all NPCs talk to you with an automated dialogue before giving you the option to buy or sell.

Bongo Banana says:

"Ey mon!"

"Dis banana got da best furniture in town, mon!"

Items and Prices

Item Description Use Price
Buy Sell
Builder Tools Move your objects, or pick them back up. Moves, rotates, or picks up objects. 5 5
Red House Paint Used to paint your house red. Paints buildings red. 300 107
Blue House Paint Used to paint your house blue. Paints buildings blue. 300 42
Green House Paint Used to paint your house green. Paints buildings blue. 300 26
Stone Bricks Tightly packed stone flooring Decorative flooring. 30 for 10 items 3 per item
Leather Chair A traditional Sofa Chair, but with a dark color Furniture to sit on. 450 97
Chest Large storage. Furniture for storing items. 120 34
Egg Fuser Allows you to fuse two eggs and make a pet hybrid! When a Uranium Bar and two eggs are placed inside it, a pet is produced. 3,000 158
Sign A sign that you can write on. An item used to write on. 40 15
Teleporter Your very own teleporter! Customize the color, name, and description A customizable teleporter which can be only used when ability to use it is purchased at the Mutant Market. 2,500 174
Wood Wall Keep things out. Keeps things from going in or out. 30 15
Stone Wall Keep things out. Keep things from going in or out. 90 43
Grandfather Clock Tick tock. Decorative item. 650 79
Fireplace Crackling cozy fire Decorative item. 1,400 104
Bookshelf Shelves full of books Decorative item. 300 39
Small Granite Table Decorative furniture Decorative item. 700 72
Big Granite Table Decorative furniture Decorative item. 1,800 118
Cubes Rug A brown rug with a cube pattern on it Decorative item. 300 31
Stone Statue Decorative furniture Decorative item. 200 55
Gold Statue Luxury item Decorative item. 2,000 100
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