Bone Juice Seller (formerly Bone Juice Dealer) is an NPC in Hybrid Animals.


He is a cow and rhino(confirmation needed) hybrid. He bears a classic cow mark, black-on-white spots and udder, and a yellow cowbell. He seems to be chewing cud from his facial expression.

A single horn protrusion on his forehead is the only obvious rhino feature he has, although, looking closely will let you see that his body is a bit grayish-brown.


His dialogue was updated in Version 200670 of Hybrid Animals.

"Hey you!"

..."Want to level up fast?"

His old dialogue is as shown:

"Hey kid!"...

..."Wanna buy some Bone Juice?"


He is situated in Shindo, although like Cupcake Crab, he is not in a town proper. He actually lies outside one of Shindo's outer walls.

You can find him by going to the right from the entrance to Shindo, and stick close to the wood walls until you see his cow figure, or go through the town's exit - in this case he is just beside you.

Items and Prices

Apparently, he only sells Bone Juice, hence his name.

Item Description Use Price
Buy Sell
Bone Juice Gives you +30 XP Gives you +30 XP 300 gold 13 gold

Strangely, he only sells one item, and he is the only NPC to do so.


  • It is unknown why the developers put him in such a desolate place.
    • His manner of speaking and his unusual location seems to imply that he is doing illegal work.
      • The business alone is quite questionable.
        • Where does he get the bones for the Bone Juice?
        • Why sell one item? There are many more items worth more than Bone Juice.
      • He will only buy and sell Bone Juice.
    • Cupcake Crab only buys items from the player.
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