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X zkid X zkid 7 September 2020

the hybrisd animals game progress

so i began with my aligator+spider hybrid and started the game.i later on go and find what i can craft ,i haven't discovered shindo yet that time.so i hit another hybrid at level 4 and found it kinda fun.later on,i build my very first shack.It's located near a river and has two docile stingray + shark hybrid,i began fighting them and killed both of them and got a bone and 3 coins. I later build a second shack and more things and created a town! my mansion is the most beloved one,having the most furniture and also build mre things like caf'es,clinic,temples and there's also gonna be a lab too.i used to have 12 pets,bt hey all have died. i've also found that pet is useless,yes useless.They will ony attack hostile and grouped enemies,theyre a…

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RoyalGamerX RoyalGamerX 31 August 2020

RoyalGamerX's HA Gamer Legacy

  • 1 Noob Years
  • 2 Multiplayer
  • 3 Friends
  • 4 The Subreddit
  • 5 The Order of Protectors
  • 6 A Truce
  • 7 The Great Alliance

So I began as any normal player, attack then level up. The game was very interesting. So I kept on playing. Kept on leveling up. I've lived through multiple game updates until finally, finally!! Multiplayer came along.

I primarily named myself RoyalGamerX for my player name (as I always do). Me and my sister, 3Nyx, started a clan in Wilderness, named the Order of Protectors. It was bent on peace and harmony. People joined, over the course of time.

Ok, so my game got deleted, and I had to reinstall it. My original account was gone!! I created a new account, and called myself ProfessorAtomix (after an OC I had created). This time, I returned, and af…

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RoyalGamerX RoyalGamerX 17 July 2020

For Grapeviner...

Thanks for creating this wiki! This wonderful catalog of Hybrid Animals stuffs will always be maintained and kept.

I promise you that, Grapeviner , even if you no longer edit!!

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RoyalGamerX RoyalGamerX 17 July 2020

What Now?

The wiki has undergone several changes ever since I stepped in and messed around.

But seriously, working by myself is no joke. I have been constantly editing and rewriting, so, I am going to take a short break. This means that I will only come here to check on things, and not to edit.

While I'm inactive, I expect more and more people to visit, edit, and contribute.

Remember, we are in a community, and this means we have to work together to keep our community alive.

Again, I hope to see great changes to this wiki soon. Please, help.

Thank You!

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