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Achievements are certain goals you can earn while playing the game. The typical achievements are acquired through different milestones reached in the game. 

Although, the player will not receive anything special for accomplishing any achievement. 



The Achievements icon displays a trophy icon with "achieves" as its caption. It is located on the upper-right section of the screen.

Tapping on it will take you to the Achievements and Quests screen.


The menu displays two tabs, Achievements or Quests. Here we will be discussing the mentioned article.

The Achievements tab have seventeen different achievements for obtainment by the player.It is a little sideshow by the developers to make the game less boring.

The Achievements[]

This is the list of the achievements in the game, there are seventeen in total.

Achievement Description Actual Requirements (If Any)
Carnivore Eat another animal Defeat a creature of any level.
Apex Predator Eat an animal that is Level 15 or higher
Home Sweet Home Build a Shack Build and place a Shack.
Living with Style! Build a Mansion Build and place a Mansion.
You're A Wizard! Unlock a second perk Get another perk that you don't have yet.
Jack of All Trades Unlock all perks Get twelve perks.
Better, Faster, Stronger Reach Level 3
Mighty Creature Reach Level 15
Survival of the Fittest Reach Level 25
Skillmaster Unlock half of all perks Get 6 perks.
King of the Wild Reach Level 50
Ultimate Species Reach Level 100
The Mighty Hunt Eat an animal Level 40 or higher
Your Royal Highness Build a Castle! Build and place a Castle.
Pure Precision Win a HARD game of Monster Pool
Fast Tapper Win a HARD game of Creature Karaoke


  • The Better, Faster, Stronger achievement is slightly inaccurate, as leveling up does not increase the Hybrid's movement speed.
  • The Ultimate Species achievement is also inaccurate, as other players' Hybrids may be of much higher level.